Eko Puffs was born in 2014 with the mission of innovating, designing and improving filtering elements of smoke generated by smokers, aware of the importance of reducing its impact on users and our environment.

The vast majority of used filters are not biodegradable, as they are composed of petroleum derivatives and cellulose acetate (a plastic), taking years and even decades to decompose, causing a great impact in our planet, since the figures are really alarming.

We refer to billions of cigarette buts, which annually end up to a large extent in rivers and oceans.

Coming from Eco Agriculture background, our commitment to the environment goes back many years, meaning we are aware of the current situation of our planet.

We see ourselves in the need to provide our help to contribute to its improvement. That is why we have developed our own parameters of eco efficiency, researching and designing totally reusable and exclusive filters made of glass, borosilicate and quartz of the best quality, which allows us to offer users a truly innovative filtration technology in the form of glass tips.

Our production systems, based on the compliance with the fundamentals of sustainable development, are fully domestic, and are prepared manually by our own team of professional glassblowers.


Smoking results in an incomplete combustion process with temperatures reaching 1000 degrees celsius, which transforms the original components of the plant into various harmful elements*.

The visible smoke represents only 5-8% of the total, and the rest is composed of invisible gases.

Thanks to our designs and materials, during the process of inhalation, we manage to decrease the temperature of the smoke considerably, most of the lighter particles pass through the filter, but retaining the heavier ones that contain tar and other carcinogens.

As a result of this temperature drop that borosilicate and quartz gives us, the heavier particles solidify, which allow us to capture them by adhering to the glass, and consequently the smoke that is released is the ‘carrier’ of a smaller number of toxic substances.

Unlike the current generalized filters that basically reduce the tar content, our glass tips also reduces considerably these harmful substances mentioned in their gases phase, as well as the environmental impact generated by non-biodegradable filters.

​*Nicotine, benzenes, acetaldehyde, butadiene, toluene, tar, acrylonitrile…